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What is Digital Asset Management?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

What is Digital Asset Management?
Digital Asset Management also known as DAM

You have probably already heard about digital asset management, simply known as DAM.

The Digital Asset Management concept

DAM is a category of software that basically consists of centralizing, standardizing and distributing digital files so that everyone involved in trade marketing processes can consume digital assets that are always up-to-date and centralized.

This is core to Yapoli. After all, our focus is essentially on managing digital assets, which we will talk about below.

The importance of digital assets

To really understand DAM, it is important for us to understand the concept of digital assets.

All companies produce digital assets: spreadsheets, documents, presentations, videos, audio and images. These assets are very valuable and are considered to be the company’s property.

In the consumption and trade marketing chain – production (industry), distribution (sell in) and sale (sell out) – there are countless people and organizations involved in different workflows, functions, mechanisms and execution deadlines.

These myriad processes commonly take place in geographically diverse locations, which can hinder asset management. And it is at precisely this point that digital asset management becomes essential.

The importance of DAM in asset management

Digital asset management is a solution that enables various functionalities in order to efficiently manage assets.

Below are some of its primary functions:

  1. Centralization of digital assets in a single database to maintain the history, consistency and integrity of files;

  2. Standardization of dimensions, nomenclatures (taxonomy), groups, attributes and categories, facilitating file access and control;

  3. Distribution among the various worker and company profiles that need to use digital assets in their wide variety of roles.

With this in mind, we can see that having a digital asset manager certainly helps companies to eliminate barriers and optimize flows.

Digital asset management eliminates manual processes, resulting in optimization of the time used for the entire trade marketing process. Furthermore, this solution serves to manage digital assets, which companies sometimes undervalue, but which are crucial for development of operations.


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