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How a DAM platform can bring cost savings to your area (Part II)

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

How a DAM platform can bring cost savings to your area (Part II)
DAM platform can bring cost savings to your area (Part II)

Running out of time? Read the summary.


In the previous article we commented on real cases that occur in companies in the use of digital assets (images, videos and other documents) and what problems they cause in your day to day and your team.

Now I will mention a few more common cases where the cost of refactoring, labor (internal or external), brand equity and legal costs (by copyright) are not taken into account in the operational cost of the area. And that account can make a difference in your annual budget. Want to see?

7) Content refactoring

"Part of our digital content is lost and no one can find it.”

Lost content can be expensive to recreate. You know that the new product was photographed commercially, but no one on your team can find the images: they must be in a folder, somewhere in the account of someone who may even have left the company, or worse, someone outside (agency) who no longer works with you.

To solve this problem your team has to re-shoot the product, which requires scheduling and paying the photographer again. If it is video is worse, as the cost is much higher.

By calculating the cost of remake, you can add it to the total.

8) Information Security

“We are concerned about the security and vulnerability of confidential files.”

When there are files in multiple places or file storage platforms, some may be safe, but others may not. Similarly, it is more difficult to segregate access from these platforms. You don't know which ones are safe from the wrong department or the wrong people. When employees leave the company, you can not easily remove permissions. You simply cannot control the risks for the company with its current system.

It is also difficult to solve this, as we do not have the ability to control external access to files that are on each collaborator's laptops.

Cost of security breach of access to confidential files is difficult to calculate. It can mean leakage of commercial strategy and marketing, sensitive information for the company, among others of very high criticality.

9) Process optimization

“We need to optimize the creative production process, but we do not know how.”

Imagine the workflow of briefing, approval, refactoring and publication of advertising materials. The more areas involved, the more complex the flow. When it comes to copyright then, you don't even talk. For example, your new campaign needs Sales, Marketing, Legal and Corporate Communication to approve the use of a photo/image. They all need to review and then approve or request edits in a timely manner. The problem is that approvals take days or weeks because there is no tool to manage and optimize this process.

To solve this problem your team sends the photo/image by e-mail to everyone involved, requesting that they respond within a given time frame (which rarely happens). This process involves follow-up phone calls, billing emails, agency refactoring meetings. Until the final publication, it takes 5-10 days, depending on the availability of the other areas.

If you add up the hours and those involved in all the tasks mentioned above and multiply them by the costs of the professionals involved in redoing them, you can come up with a number that will be added to their total cost.

10) Integration tools

"There is no integration between everyday tools”

Tools that contain information about the products your team uses in Advertising Media, tools they use to create, approve and publish content, and tools where they are marketed (own channels or on partner sites) do not have integration.

With so many different tools for each type of process, integration is key to doing business and speeding it up. Examples include integration with ERP that contains product information, asset sharing with CMS, workflow tools, Adobe AEM, CRM (such as Salesforce), e-commerce (VTEX), or prepress systems.

To solve this problem, IT teams that have specialized knowledge, are involved to understand and integrate their platforms. A complex and time-consuming job.

Complexity and delays = costs!

11) Collaboration in projects

"Difficulties in collaboration with teams or project partners.”

The tools your team uses, such as Dropbox, emails, and conference calls, distribute decision information all over the place and you may miss something important. Communication should be closely linked to digital assets themselves.

To solve this problem the team places the objects in a DropBox folder, sends the link by email to everyone who needs it and then try to schedule conference calls to check in or troubleshoot.

These emails and links can get lost in the ”threads" of messages they receive every day.

More costs? Sure.

12) Reports and ROI

“We have no idea what the ROI of our content is and we have to report quarterly.”

They always ask you what is the most productive shooting of images, but you have no idea. Your team needs to be able to determine what are the best attributes for effective content and how much they spend to create each of them. You need to be more efficient in the way you create art and other content. So that they have a return on sales and engagement of their customers.

To solve this problem your team does this information extraction manually once a quarter, estimating and counting invoices or reminders of what they did, how much they spent, but still do not know why a particular content sold or engaged more.

Were you able to calculate every situation?

Difficult to count each of them and measure how many hours you lose to solve the problem. Only there you can understand what the DAM platform can generate from "cost savings".

If you have experienced any of the situations described in parts I and II it would be good to start thinking about the possibility of using a DAM platform to eliminate them.

Knowing how to calculate the costs of your day-to-day digital asset management problems, how about improving the management process and finding out how Yapoli uses these resources and can help your company:

We are an intelligent platform that optimizes the management and distribution of digital files for the industry in a safe, practical, fast and measurable manner.


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