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What is the relationship between EDRMS and DAM?

What is the relationship between EDRMS and DAM?
The relationship between EDRMS and DAM



We already know how a DAM (Digital Asset Management) operates within the ecosystem of large corporations. We have already mentioned that Yapoli as DAM also fits into the Content Management Platform concept. Now let's see how Yapoli fits into another concept that spread in Brazil in the 90's and that since then has undergone several evolutions: the EDRMS.

What is EDRMS?

Acronym for Electronic document and records management system, EDRMS is the classification of platforms that are directly related to principles of economy and efficiency in the production and use of documents (content). Where information must be available in the right place, at the right time and to the right people.

EDRMS platforms allow the management of digital documents in an agile and assertive way, centralizing, distributing and controlling the flow of digital documents within a corporation, whether small, medium or large.

This software category resembles another acronym: ECM (Enterprise Content Management). There are countless theories about the emergence of each of these concepts, the most widespread brings the ECM as an evolution of the EDRMS, with the addition of workflow, interpretation of stored data, thus producing knowledge. Does this sound familiar?

Yapoli as EDRMS

The concept of EDRMS and ECM, or better defined, the classification of digital asset management software or not, have several intersections. The centralization, organization, management and distribution are premises of the majority, so things start to differ when we add features that make it possible to know what is still useful, for example.

Artificial intelligence, integrations, governance, real-time reporting, information extraction and asset characteristics are features that set Yapoli apart from platforms with EDRMS, ECM, DAM, Content Platform positioning, helping large corporations, as DAM, to organize , manage, centralize and distribute digital assets.

Yapoli operates in the governance, management, distribution and optimization of digital materials, centralizing them, with an audit trail, within LGPD and GDPR parameters, with real-time reports and intelligence behind the assets, integrating the digital ecosystem. Generating savings of up to 1.5 million by eradicating inefficiencies from your corporation's digital asset management and distribution chain.


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