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Digital transformation: Journey and Experience

Digital transformation: Journey and Experience
Digital transformation: Journey and Experience

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We come to the last article in the Digital Transformation series: 9 levers towards the digital leadership of large corporations. Throughout this journey we were guided by the DMR study - Digital Marketing Readiness - conducted in 2019, in a partnership between McKinsey and ABA (Brazilian Association of Advertisers), which originated the article The State of Digital Marketing in Brazil: 14 levers to achieve maturity.

From it we extract and analyze the 4 dimensions: People, Processes and Culture; Data and Technology; Investment and Measurement; and today we’ll talk about Journey and Experience, completing the cycle.

Shall we?

The Journey and Experience dimension, evaluates how the customer identifies and interacts with the brand, here we will face it in a slightly different way. We will reflect on the three levers that are essential for large corporations to become digital leaders and how Yapoli operates on each of these fronts, they are: Content, Usability and Performance.

Let's see in detail:

1) Optimizing the content creation process

After all, what is content?

By definition, masculine noun 1. that which occupies, partially or totally, the space in something.

Have you thought about the amount of photos stored in your phone? In the cloud? On external HD? Do you have any idea, in numbers, how much space they occupy? Looking more deeply, do you imagine how many are of your dog? Of a landscape? Of a trip?

Let's try to bring this reflection to the scenario of large corporations.

Can you measure the amount of files produced in campaigns from previous years? Scanned documents? Which creatives were effective and need to continue to be stored?

Content can be that creative for offline and online campaigns, documents, contracts, blueprints, images, videos, etc. Anyway, any and all digital material produced by your team or by third parties.

Yapoli automates the production and distribution processes of your corporation's content, making them faster, smarter and more effective, as they are generated from performance insights extracted from the creatives produced. That is, Yapoli helps your team to know which creative, at what time and on which channel.

2) Usability-oriented content

Now you know what content is, usability is defined as user experience as it interacts with the brand or the product through its interfaces, be it a billboard, application or a virtual assistant - for example, Alexa.

Through Yapoli, the distribution of digital assets (content) takes place according to the format, device and particularity of each communication channel of your company, at each moment of your consumer's journey.

3) Measuring performance and engagement of images and videos

Through AI and integration with other digital platforms used, which are part of the corporation's ecosystem (for example, applications, e-commerce, DSPs, etc.), Yapoli is able to measure performance and extract information from each digital material in every moment of the consumer's journey, generating insights for the creation of new creatives based on data, making them much more effective.

Yapoli, as DAM, positions itself as a middle in the digital ecosystem of large corporations, bringing governance and management to the entire communication chain.

We hope that throughout the five articles, doubts and questions have been resolved, as well as we hope to have inspired great reflections about the moment of your company in this journey. The digital transformation is knocking on the door, large corporations can count on Yapoli to accelerate it towards digital leadership.

Yapoli is an intelligent DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform that optimizes the management and distribution of digital assets for the industry in a simple, secure, practical, fast and measurable manner.


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