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Digital transformation: Investment and Measurement

Digital transformation: Investment and Measurement
Digital transformation: Investment and Measurement

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We are in the fourth article - out of a series of five - on how large corporations are positioned on the journey towards digital leadership. We have already seen in the previous articles the dimension of People, Processes and Culture, in addition to Data and Technology. In today's article, we will see the third dimension addressed in the article “The State of Digital Marketing in Brazil: 14 levers to reach maturity”, by McKinsey, which is the Investment and Measurement dimension.

This dimension talks about how large corporations are investing in integrated platforms, which can provide data and insights that improve their performance and justify, in turn, their investments.

But, now we ask ourselves, are big companies really looking at this? Do they believe it has a significant impact on their path to digital maturity? Well, according to the DMR - Digital Marketing Readiness survey - only 1% of the corporations interviewed in the study are aware of this and are currently in the process.

Looking specifically at the Marketing perspective, the ability to understand and master each metric of each campaign, in each channel and their respective formats, requires the integration of sales engagement information that will compose the different scenarios of the customer journey. For example: e-commerce, social networks, applications, DSPs, portals, Marketplaces, apps, and offline channels - when measurable - mainly in omnichannel environments.

What is actually effective? Which characteristics of the creative of the campaign, channel or format influence your consumer's journey?

The scenario that we commonly have in large corporations is one in which: We know what is invested and where it is invested. We also know how much engagement was generated in total, but we do not know which creative features, formats and channels were prevalent and impacted the business objective, for example, sales.

The investment is not only in broadcasting, but also in creative production, whether it is a banner or a TV movie.

What is considered when you invest in new creatives? What are the criteria? What have you measured in the past that has shown results?

The vast majority of corporations do not know where exactly they are getting their communication right. When we talk about the “Use of digital channel as a sales channel” lever, we are talking about exactly the aspect in which Yapoli helps your company to stand out towards digital transformation.

Usually, this performance information is not under the power and knowledge of your team. Especially in cases where your company has one or more external, digital, advertising and/or performance agencies - the communication between them may not even exist - and it is quite likely that you have a short-sighted view of how the campaigns and their respective creatives are performing on their customers' journey.

Yapoli, as DAM, allows its digital tools, including those used by third parties, to integrate and centralize all parts, media, films, documents, data and information on the same platform under the same governance. Being able to centralize, manage digital assets and distribute them, in addition to also analyzing them, generating insights and measuring which characteristics of your digital assets have most converted into your campaign.

Helping large corporations to measure and direct intelligently and objectively, investments in communication that will perform better and, consequently, convert/engage/sell more.

We still have one last article towards digital maturity, where we will talk about Journey and Experience. Keep up with us to discover all the benefits of Yapoli for large corporations that want to become digital leaders.

Yapoli is an intelligent DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform that optimizes the management and distribution of digital assets for the industry in a simple, secure, practical, fast and measurable manner.


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